PokeCen Sapporo pin GB!
hello! i just saw these pins are they are extremely cute, so i figured i'd do a quick GB for two sets!

- sales permission granted on 15/04/2013 by dewott
- feedback can be found here
- payment via Paypal only, payment will be taken after full set is claimed
- there will be only one payment that includes:
---- item price + shipping to me (free lol) + shipping from me to you (in priority class)
---- shipping time from finland is around 3-10 workdays, depending on your location (3-6 in Europe, 4-10 elsewhere)

the pins will be $9 each! inlcuding shipping costs and paypal fees.

SET #1

pikachu - AVAILABLE
vulpix - noctowl
popplio - AVAILABLE

SET #2

pikachu - AVAILABLE
vulpix - AVAILABLE
popplio - noctowl

comment below if you're interested!

buying owl stuff!!
HELLO i seriously need to do a reintro + collection update sometime soon, because all i ever do is post wants here LMAO

anyway, i'm (once again) looking to buy merch of my doofy owls HOOTHOOT & NOCTOWL!
i'm literally looking for ANYTHING that has either or both of these pokemon on it, be it full color pics, figures or just a small silhouette on a plastic bag (no, i'm not kidding).

please refer to my (bit outdated) collection site for what i already have BUT you can offer me stuff i have because i like extras (especially of stuff i can wear or use + plushies)
-> http://noctowl.weebly.com/ <- (for specific wants, go to wants -> hoothoot & noctowl)

YES I KNOW there are new stuff with hoothoot atleast (the one already released being the masquerade party promo, which has a small hoothoot on atleast the clear file and mug (i think) + maybe others?? enlighten me please) and YES I WANT THESE AS WELL

ALSO looking at ROWLET (+evo(s)?? idk if there's anything with dartrix yet) stuff, same goes for him I WANT EVERYTHING (i wasn't supposed to start collecting rowlet+evos but...... WELP i lose all self control when it comes to owls)

please be sure you can ship to FINLAND before you offer me anything, so we both are safe from possible disappointments!!

Pokemon Collection Site!
I made a site for my collections a while back.
It still lacks a lot of images and a lot of items, but I will be adding them once I can take all photos.
If you own anything from my wants list and want to sell it, let me know with PM (they are always open)! If you prefer email contact, send mail to virizion @ live.com

Click here to go to my collection site!


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